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It is a super ultra fine and very narrow particle size distribution precipitated calcium carbonate specially formulated as functional filler and extender in plastic compound.

It has the following beneficial applications;
1) In plastics compounding as reinforcing functional filler in PVC building material, UPVC pipe, PE, PP, ABS etc. At ratio of 1:1 or 1:1.5 replacements; it typically can substitute up to 50% of existing reinforcing additives such as CPE, MBS, or SBS, etc.
2) In plastic masterbatch as pigment / TiO2 / color extender in PVC, PP, PE, etc. It typically can substitute up to 25% of existing pigment with opacity and whiteness level maintained.

Packaging and Storage
It is packed in 25 kg kraft paper bag. Storage life is 360 days in cool and dry condition.