Sell NAVIWAY Bluetooth GPS SiRF Star III Reciever

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Detailed Product Description

The NAVIWAY Bluetooth GPS receiver is a Global Position System Receiver with Bluetooth wireless technology.

This SiRF star III high sensitivity BT GPS receiver allows you to receive GPS data on mobile handhelds wirelessly.

By sending GPS position data over Bluetooth, you can position the receiver for the possible reception all without wires.

It shows the high performance, low power consumption, easily portable, rechargeable & removable battery function and wireless data transmission.

If you have a pocket PC or other portable devices enabled with Bluetooth function, for example ASUS-620, iPAQ 2210, HP and Palm, you can take advantage of your device's Bluetooth capability to wirelessly add GPS

positioning technology.
* High sensitivity -159dBm; Up to 20 Channels;
* Cold/Warm/Hot Start Time:42/38/1 seconds;
* Compact, Sleek, and lightweight design easily fits in your hand;
* Two LEDs at the top of the device show Bluetooth and GPS. On/Off push button;