Sell NBC Series CO2/MAG Welding Machines

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NBC Series welders are semi-automatic active gas shielded metal-arc welding machines with advanced wave form control technology which include 250A, 350A, 500A, and 630A types, used for welding mild steel and alloy steel.
Features and Benefits:
1. Inverter, advanced wave form control technical, low spatter.
2. Continuous adjustment of current and voltage, wider range of adjustment, high duty cycle.
3. Low welding distortion, pretty weld formation.
4. Arc starting while wire feeding slowly, easy for arc starting.
5. Reducing melting ball while stopping arc.
6. High deposit efficiency.
7. Soft switch transform, high efficiency.
8. Non-source power factor correcting technology, high PF(power factor) .
9. HF inverter, small size, light weight.
10. Digital display, fine current preset.
11. Used for solid /flux-cored electrode wire.
12. Default current/voltage match, easy for operation.
13. X type machine is drooping characteristic, can be used as MMA and Carbon Arc Gouging.