Sell NC hydraulic cutting machine(shearing machine)

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The performance of our metal sheet cutting machine(shearing machine) :
1. The frame is steel-welded construction, vibrating to eliminate stress, with high
Strength and good rigidity.
2. Hydraulic driven and returning stroke is activated by the accumulator or nitrogen cylinder smoothly and promptly.
3. The sheet is moved easily through rolling ball equipped on worktable and protect the surface of sheet plate.
4. Closed loop control system is composed of NC controller and the encoder. It has the automatic function of inspection and compensation.
5. The back gauge driven by servo motor adopts rolling ball screw, rolling guiding way, so it's positioning precision could reach 10. 10mm.
6. There is a display to count the number of cutting, the stroke of beam could be adjusted stepless.
7. The clearance of blades could be adjusted by hand wheel, the value adjusted is display on the indicating plate.
8. Full machine is guarded with safety guard with interlocker to prevent the operator
From injured.