Sell NC rubber vulcanizing machine

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Type XLB-1100*5700 XLB-1400*5700 XLB-1400*10000 XLB-1600*8500 XLB-1600*10000 XLB-20000*10000
Plate size(mm) 1100*5700 1400*5700 1400*10000 1600*8500 1600*10000 20000*10000
Total press(MN) 17.55 25.00 49.00 47.60 56.00 70.00
Plate pressure(Mpa) 2.8 3.13 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5
Piston diameter(mm) 500 360 450 500 450 600

The machine used in ordinary rubber vulcanized conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt / PVG belt, steel cord conveyor belt fabrics core parallel to the tape. Host for the frame structure, hot plate and the plunger are of quality material, precision machining, easy to wear, easy corrosion, easy maintenance, work stress and stability, easy adjustment. It adopts PLC control, curing process can achieve more process automation control, can automatically detect and adjust the hot plate temperature, increase the level of control of plate curing unit, reducing labor intensity and improve production efficiency