Sell NEMA standard high efficiency motor

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NEMA standard high efficiency three phase asynchronous motors are totally enclosed fan cooled type(TEFC) . The design and the manufacture of the motors conform to National Electrical Manufacturers Associafion(NEMA) with new style, carefully manufacturing, safe and reliable performance. The motors have such advantages as high efficiency low temperature rise and low vibration level.

product attribute:
The protection degree of the motors is of IP55 with F-class insulation and IC411 cooling methed voltage is 230/460v and the rated frequency is 1.15. The ambient temperature is limited to-150 & +400 and the height does not exceed 3300 feet above the sea level. They are applicable for the paces where are no special requirements for the motors. They can be used as team equipment for various machines
The motors can also be specially designed and manufacturde upon the request of the users such as Ttype or H-class insulation, different voltage or different frequency.

Meanings of the Type
28 4 T
28 ---The valus is 4 times of the central height of the frame (in)
4 ---length code of the axial foot holes on the frame
T ---frame symbols for standard size

36 5 TS
36--- The value is 4 times of the central height of the frame (in)
5--- Length code of the axial foot holes on the frame
TS ---Frame symbols for standard short shaft extension

Terminal Box
The motor carries 9 or 12 lead-out cables, the length of which 6 inches from the extension part onward.
The symbols of the cable ends and the connection diagram conform to the regulations in MG1-2.62. In the terminal box are the grounding marks and screw.

Mounting Type
T-type---general mouting with motor feel; TC-type---C-type flat mounting with motor feet.
The mounting types should conform to the regulations of MG-4.03 .
The mounting symbols F-1, W-2, W-3, W-6, W-8, C-2indicate that the terminal box, the feet and the shaft extension are on the same corresponding positon.