NERVE STIMULATION APPARATUS You May Also Be Interested In: nerve stimulation

The acupoint vessel ele-treatment device use a simple method of stimulation the human body anti-pain system. The device generate a warm ele-treatment wave through the pole transmission to the pain to assit the human body to alleviate the ache substanceendorphin. so restrain the pain signal into the brain to reach the perfect effect, the position of the pole is very important . The illustration reveal several positions of the pole. By the stimulation of the elecurrent to relieving or elimination the pain, the recognized functions are as followings:

1. gate control
By the special sticky elepatch attached to the pain, the pain is stimulated by the elecurrent through the sensitive nervous fiber to reach the pain center and obstruct the vessel of the nerve and brain with alleviation or elimination the pain.

2. beta endorphin
In addition, the acupoint device can grow the human bodys biochemical-- beta endorphin, which can ease the pain to the lowest level and effectively alleviate the pain. To reach the greatest effect , elepole currect position is very important , therefore , the illustraction revealing several chart of human bodys acupoints for you to position the pole correctly. The majority of the people can sense the T. E. N. S function immediately, but the minority of the people will sense the function after several repeated treatments and relative long time.