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SAMING NetGuard PMC is one of our latest software products targeting computers in a LAN. Not only provides dynamic saving and instant recovery to computers hard drive and CMOS data, it also features network clone and network management functions. Any data loss or damage caused by computer viruses, hackers, intended or accident destroy can be immediately recovered to their original status without taking any hard drive spaces. /

1, Computer Group Management: PCs can be divided into many groups. Convenient switch between the group management screen and each screen within the groups.

2, Remote recovery and saving: it can realize data recovery or saving through automatic reboot to one PC, one PC group or the whole PC group

3, Network wake up: To wake one PC, one PC group or the whole PC group

4, Network Clone: To choose one customer PC and click on Network Clone, the appointed customer PC will automatically start transfer process. The receiving PCs configuration can be set up through the sending PC. When the clone process finishes, the receiving PC will automatically change its network configuration according to the requirements sent from the sending customer PC. .

5, File transfer: it can transfer designated file or folder to an appointed place of the customers PC, so does the upgraded gaming file

6, Task Management: it can set up automatic maintenance to the PC groups or the whole PCs
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