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Brown Fused Alumina
Made from high-quality abrasive bauxite after being fused in electric arc of over 2,000 Celsius degree, then crushed into different sizes.

Chemical Composition
(Al2O3 89-97) (TiO2 1.5-4.0) ( SiO2 1.0 max ) ( Fe2O3 0.4max or 0.5max or -)

Physical properties
Crystal Form: alpha alumina trigonal
Chemical nature: amphoteric
Reaction with acids: little cauterization in aqua regia or hydrofluoric acid
Oxidation-reduction: no
Density (g/cm3) : 3.97
Knoop (kg/cm2) : 2000-2200
Mohs: 9.0
Color: dark brown
Color after firing: light blue
Melting point: 2000 C
Max Usable temperature: 1900 C
Specific heat (cal/g. C) : 0.26 (20-29 C)
Coefficient of thermal conductivity (cal/cm2. sec. C)
Room temperature: 0.047
900 C: 0.013
Resistivity (Ohm cm)
30 C: 10 (16)
300 C: 10 (13)
900 C: 10 (5)
1600 C: 10 (4)
Liner Expansion Coefficient (x10 (-6) ) : 7-9 (0-1600 C)

Contents of Magnetic Matters %
0.038max, 0.028max, 0.023max or 0.017max
Size: according to customers request.
Uses: mainly used as vitrified tools, lapping, resinoid abrading tools, blasting, polishing, scrubbing, tumbling, self-tumbling, slip-proof, lapping compound wire saw, refractory materials etc. Suitable for grinding metals of high-tensile strength such as carbon stele, general purpose alloy steel, malleable cast-iron and hard bronze etc.
Packing: 25 kg or 50 kg bags

White Fused Alumina
Made from alumina powder after fused in an electric arc furnace at a high temperature. High purity, high hardness, strong sharpening ability, little heat producing, high efficiency, acid & alkali-resistance, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability and excellent insulation.

Chemical composition %
(Al2O3 98.2-99.5) (SiO2 0.01max ) (Fe2O3 0.03max) ( Na2O max)

Physical properties:
Crystal type: three-dimensional crystal
Density: 3.90 min (g/cm3)
Hardness degree
Knoop: 2000-2200 kg/mm2
Mohs: 9.0
Melting point: 2050 C
Color: lily-white
Specific heat (Cal/g. C) : 0.26 (20 - 90 C)
Heat exchange rate: (Cal/cm2. sec. C)
Room temperature: 0.047
900 C: 0.013
Refractorines: e=1.760 w=1.768(Na line)

Use: suitable for making abrasives to cut & abrade high carbon copper and high-speed steel, wet or dry blasting; super precise grinding and polishing of crystal & electronic industry, catalyst carrier, insulator and precise founding sand etc.
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