Sell NEW- Refractory Castables & Bricks for metallurgy

NEW- Refractory Castables & Bricks for metallurgy You May Also Be Interested In: low cement castable nose ring refractory bricks refractory castables tunnel kiln
Our Co. is a professional various refractory castables & bricks for metallurgy around the world.

Low Cement Castable (LCC)
Made from calcined high alumina bauxite, mullite and fused alumina as aggregates and high alumina micro powder, Alpha alumina powder, silica micro powder as bond.

Refractoriness: 1800 C
Volume Density (After Fired in 1000 C) : 3.10 g/cm3
Apparent Porosity (After Fired in 1000 C) : 25 (approx)
Chemical Compositions %
(Al2O3 95) (SiO2 0.5) (Fe2O3 0.3) (CaO 1.8)
Flexural strength Mpa
110 C x 24h: 6.8
1000 C x 3h: 10.4
1500 C x 3h: 18
Compressive strength Mpa
110 C x 24h: 75
1000 C x 3h: 106
1500 C x 3h: 147
Uses: suitable for lances in iron and steel makings, e-furnace top, nose ring of rotary kiln and cooler etc.

Ordinary Refractory Castable (approx. 1400 C)
Uses: Internal liners of boiler, tunnel kiln cars, industrial furnace, instead of refractory bricks.
Light Weight Castable (1100-1300 C)
Uses: heat-resistant layers for industrial furnaces and tunnel kiln cars.
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