Sell NEW Multi-Function Sweet Peach-KT100 Single Ended tube amplifier

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Multi-functional Sweet Peach-KT100 Single Ended tube amplifier


Since the Single Ended tube Amplifier class A) Selection work in a straight line on the curve, nonlinear distortion is relatively low, even harmonics content, but also sound very good, sound quality performance of the Homeland Beautiful, sweet and touching, it seems "more String Music" in the sense of rhyme. However, lower efficiency, output power of smaller, higher sensitivity to the loudspeaker. The oldest aircraft manufacturers handcrafted scaffolding welding process.

1) 100% hand made . shocking your senses for sure, bring you back true sound .

2) Powerful sound special good for using in a big indoor area.

3) Chassis is made of stainless steel of 1.2mm in thickness with wire brushing.
4) Big metal knob, comb-like feet for reducing shaking.
5) High-grade RCA terminal with gold plating.
6) 4ohm and 8ohm power output terminals with gold plating.
7) Blue power indicator

Introduction of FU-50 vacuum tube: FU-50 is originally the military high frequency launching tube, latter were used in the home audio. After adopting the triode connection, the frequency response curve are very close to 300B , also are called small 300B, unparalleled sound effects, realistic and transparent air sense , sweet and seductive tone.

Besides, The beautiful tube amplifier has 5 sources signal input for selecting:MM phono(old moving magnet phonograph turntable) input, AUX line input, CD/DVDinput, MP3/PCinput, USBinput. It is your most value choice.

1) With RIAA compensation amplifying circuit, can be connected to MM phono(old moving magnet phonograph turntable)

2) with USB Connector, can be connected to computer(PC/MAC) to play music from digital files directly.

3) Specially fitted with earphone outputting function, able for direct use of earphone to 4) listen to tube amplifier (the impedance of earphone must between 32ohm-600ohm) .

5) Just connect your Portable Player (such as MP3, MP4 player etc) or laptop to the AMPLIFIER and hook it onto your home speakers and you will be astounded with the music quality.

6) Can be connected to CD/DVD player.


Power supply:AC 100V-240V AVAILABLE(50Hz -60Hz)
Tubes for Preamp. part: 6N3W2,6N1W1
Power Tube:KT100W2
Input Impedance: 100Kohm
Output Impedance: 4ohm 8ohm
Input Sensitivity: 500 to 2000mV
Total Hamonic Distortion: less than 1%(1KHz)
Frequeney responses: 20Hz-30KHz+/- 1dB
Maximum output: 20WW2(8ohm Standard connection mode ) 13WW2(8ohm Triode connection mode )
Signal to Noise Ratio: 89dB
Input Jacks: 2groups
Output Jacks: 2groups
Supply Votage: Can make to order
Colour : Silver body & Black
Size: (WHD)340W160W230mm
Net Weight: 13kg
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
200 units
Available Colors
Silver / Black
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Sweet Peach-KT100
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
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