Sell NEW Two Handle IPL Machine

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- Skin care and rejuvenation
- Painless hair removal
- Blood vessels removal
- Dispelling epidermal pigmentation
- Dispelling the spots and freckles
-Treating acne scar

1. Double treatment hand pieces with imported sapphire make 50,000 effective shots possible
2. Humanized treatment hand design
3. Continuous adjustable treatment head makes you feel more comfortable.
4. With independent adjustable three-pulse design under UL standard and ten years of clinic experience
5. Special hardware regulates the energy output. Multi-level examining and locking systems minimize the risks of treatment accidents.
6. Graphic interface makes the operation easier.
7. Highly competitive prices and perfect after-sales services offer more opportunities for beauty institutions and salons

Technical Parameters
1. Light source: intense pulsed light
2. Optional spectra: 530 to 1,200nm sapphire treatment head
610 to 1,200nm sapphire treatment head
3. Cooling system: water cooling and treatment head semiconductor cooling
4. Energy density: 50J/cm2 (Max)
5. Spot size: 8 x 40mm2 ;10 x 50 mm2(Optional)
6. Pulse sequence: 1 to 3 pulses
7. Pulse width: 1 to 10ms
8. Pulses intervals: 1 to 30ms
9. Discharge sequence: 1,2 and 3s
10. Electrical requirements: 220V/10A(or according to your requirements)
11. Net weight: 70kg
12. Physical dimensions: 71x 62 x 118cm3