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I take this opportunity to introduce our company as one of the leading LPG generating set exporters in China. We have a strong factory with professional engineers and skilled workers. We assure that you will get the top quality NG/LPG generator sets here. Our generating sets have the following characteristics:
1. American made LPG regulator and LPG Variable Mixer as well as the copy Suzuki 10A and Toyota 3Y, 4Y engine are used to insure the stability and the power of the generating set.
2. Engine pistons, piston rings, valves, valve seats, valve guides, camshafts, ignition systems, high voltage cables, spark plugs and etc. are specially designed and/or treated for LPG high temperature applications.
3. According to the special requirement, LPG and NG could be interchanged which will meet the different demands of the customers.
4. High efficiency copy Stamford alternator is used for the generator.
5. With a key start control module and corresponding indicating instrument for simple and visual operation.
6. With complete protection function: high water temperature, low oil pressure, over-speed, emergency shutdown and etc.
7. Engine alternator charging monitoring & battery low voltage alarm.
8. LCD display, fault warning and shutdown protection.
So far, Our products are selling well in the South America and other regions in the wold with our advantage in design and production.
Be sure that you'll be satisfied with our products and service whatever you're looking for the top quality or best price.
Contact us for any inquiries and questions.
So far, our genset ranges from 8kw to 30kw.