Sell NIMH SC3300mAh 7.2V rechargeable batetry

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1. Environmental-friendly: No Cadmium, Mercury, Lead
2. No memory effect
3. Low internal resistance
4. Long service life :WCT batteries can be expected more than 500-1000 charge / discharge cycles under normal use
5. Low Self-discharge Character: After one month storage at 20150, a fully charged battery can still release approximate 80% of its nominal capacity.
6. Long discharge platform time: WCT batteries can last for 40-50 minutes to remain above 1.2V at 1.0C discharge.
7. Excellent performance at high rate charge and discharge :WCT batteries can be fully charged in 1-2 hours, and it can also withstand a high rate discharge up to 10-20C.
8. Reliable safety vent : It is 100% tested that the safety vent can open automatically when the internal pressure in batteries is more than 25 atm.
9. Wide temperature range applicability: The batterys performance remains efficient in a wide temperature range -200500

1. Telecommunications: Cordless phones, Cellular phones, Two-way radio.
2. Home applicances: Electric shavers, Electric toothbrushes, massagers, wireless vacuum cleaners, Electric bicycles,
3. Remote control toys: R/C cars, R/C helicopters.
4. Digital products: Camcorders, Walkmans, GPS, Wireless joypad.
5. Power tools: Electric drills, Electric saws, Sanders.
6. Emergency lighting and security systems : Smoke alarm , gas detector, baby monitor
7. Otheres: Solar light.