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Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery
NiMH battery is a early alternative products for nickel-cadmium battery. It is the most environmentally friendly batteries and no longer use toxic cadmium, which can remove heavy metals on the environment pollution problems. Nickel-metal hydride batteries with greater energy density ratio, can effectively extend the working hours of equipment without additional weight of the digital equipment.
Whats more, nickel-metal hydride batteries are similar with nickel-cadmium in the electrical properties. In the actual application, it can replace nickel-cadmium batteries without any need to amend the equipment. Another advantage of nickel-metal hydride battery is: greatly reduced "memory effect, " which makes nickel-metal hydride batteries can be more convenient to use.

1) Telecommunication devices: cordless phones, cellular phones, and fax machines, etc.
2) Audio-visual equipment: camcorders, portable stereos, MD players, portable DVD and VCD players, and television sets, etc.
3) IT equipment: laptop / notebook computers, PDAs, and portable fax machines, etc.
4) Other applications: electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, massagers, and portable vacuum cleaners, etc.
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