Sell NJP-800 Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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Main Performance and Features
1. It is used in full-closed design, all parts contracting with medicine powders and capsules are used in No. 304 etc. good quality of stainless steel material. Furthermore, the subject of takedown and washing as well as precision of equipment die with difficult adjustment have been solved.

2. It is used in cam with lower device design, equipped with pressure atomized oil pump to keep cam groove lubricating fully, reduce abrasion to make the parts delay its life.

3. Over large Measuring Plate is designed, improve powder-flow in the Measuring Plate, make powder into Measuring Plate full as standard.

4. it is selected with overlarge cam sub-mechanism to make die turn tablet as well as the whole machine work normally, it can ensure the transmission of the machine working normally and the filling accurately.

5. it is used in capsule vacuum locating mechanism to make capsule making rate reaching over 99 percent.

6. active cam swinging block is used in double bearing frame, oblique plane measuring plate adjusted can ensure the filling stability and accuracy fully.

7. the former conversion of frequency Hz has been changed, it is used in digital mechanism per minute for granule. Currently it is a leading guider in the same field.

Technical Data
Output: 800pics/min Suitable for capsule: 00#-4#

Total Power: 4Kw Overall weight: 800Kg

Overall dimension: 700*900*1800mm