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Non-dairy creamer is also called Vegetable Fat Powder, which is a new product made mainly from hydrogenated vegetable oil and casein. It has particular effect in food making and processing and it's also a kind of modern food.
Non-dairy creamer can be made with low fat, medium fat and high fat according to different clients requirements.

Non-dairy creamer possesses good and emulsified multi-dispersibility to be shaped symmetrical milk liquid. The product can improve the inner structure of food and increase fragrance and fat to taste exquisite, tender and milky. Therefore it is a good partner of coffee products. The product can also be used in fast-dissolved cornmeal, cakes, and biscuits etc. to make the structure of cakes exquisite and increase flexibility and to make biscuits increase crisp character and lose oil uneasily.
Due to its fast dissoluble character and strong milk smell, it can replace milk powder or reduce milk quantity in food processing. Therefore the production cost can be debased while keeping the quality of food.

Range of applications
Drinks: coffee drink, creamy drink, fast- dissolved milk powder, babies' drink and ice cream, etc.
Foodstuff: instant cornmeal, seasoning of fast food, instant food, bread, biscuits, bechamel, chocolates, rice flour and cream, etc.

Brand Name
Supply Capacity
30000 Tons Per Year
Available Colors
Yellow White to Cream
Condition of Goods
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight