Sell NT up to 3.2 MVA UPS system.

NT up to 3.2 MVA UPS system. You May Also Be Interested In: load sharing ups system
True Online Double Conversion Technology
Models - 60,80,100,120,160,200,260,320,400kVA
Phases 3:3
Full digital control - ensures reliability and power density (DSP) .
Load sharing capability
N+1 Parallel redundancy configuration
Automatic Bypass (Static Switch) provides continued load supplying in critical conditions, such as overheating or inverter failure.
Maintenance Bypass (uninterruptible) enables service handling without necessity of shutting off the load.
Separate supplying of Bypass line provides reserve power source for load even when the UPS is damaged or main line protection is affected.

Communication ports:
RS485, RS232 for UPS and load supervising and controlling,
LAN - DryContact system management modules communication,
SNMP Interface for computer network communication,
AS400 provides IBM standard for UPS communication.

Remote Emergency Power Off port (REPO) provides remote shutting off the load and UPS in a case of emergency.
Emergency Power Off button (EPO) placed on UPS control panel provides immediate shutting off the load.
LED Indicators show current UPS status.
LCD Control Panel displays UPS and power parameters as well as hundreds of useful information in multi-language.
Small dimensions - requires small area for unit operation.
High efficiency reduces heat dissipation and limits power consumption costs.
ECO-Mode gives possibility of significant cost reducing and in practice stops the heat emission.
Backup-time extension possibility provides exact fitting for required autonomy time.
High input power factor reduces the value of current gathering from mains.
High output power factor allows load of versatile characteristics to be powered.
Wide input voltage range for normal mode causes, that the batteries are used only if necessary - in fact, only when the input voltage is completely lost.
Wide input frequency range for normal mode gives possibility for seamless operation with different power sources - as mains or the generating set.
Simple maintenance - microprocessor control and 24h/7 operation mode means that the unit doesn't require any user handling.
Automatic startup ensures maintenance-free operating even after the unit was switched-off after long time mains failure.
Advanced Battery Management gives reliability of optimal charging and using batteries, elongates its lifetime and reduces operation costs.
Excellent voltage quality is provided by IGBT inverter and high-frequency SPWM modulation method; the output voltage has always stable parameters, independent of input noises and the load characteristics.
High overload capacity indicates power reliability during transient conditions and high resistance on handling faults.
Advanced software provides full control over the unit and the load.
User configurable settings - nominal voltages, frequencies, preferred operating modes, way of communication much widens range of possibly applications.
Manual Bypass (uninterruptible) enables startup of load with exceptionally heavy start without exposing unit output circuits.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
CE, EN62040-1-1, EN62040-2, EN62040-3,
Available Colors
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
400V 50/60Hz
Terms of Payment
T/T 30% in advance
Warranty Coverage
2 years