Sell NUTRILITE® Carb Blocker 2, 90 tabs

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Block up to 500 calories per meal
This dietary supplement provides an exclusive blend of natural plant extracts that blocks both sugars and starches to help you lose weight. Laboratory tests show that one three-tablet serving of Carb Blocker 2 has a powerful carbohydrate-blocking effect. These results suggest that a similar action in humans may help block up to 500 carb calories when consumed with a high-carbohydrate meal. Each three-tablet serving* provides:
 300 mg of a fermented soybean extract that inhibits alpha-glucosidase (sugar digesting) enzyme activity.
 500 mg of a white kidney bean extract that inhibits alpha-amylase (starch-digesting) enzyme activity.
 30 mg Nutrilites exclusive Parsley Concentrate, rich with supporting phytonutrients.
*Maximum number of tablets recommended daily is nine.

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