Sell NV-2000 Mini Low Light Night Vision Device

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NV-2000 mini low light night vision device is a kind of observation device at night in small size and easy to carry. This device can transfer the faint target image into high brightness images through the image intensifier, so as to achieve the purpose of observation at the weak light. It can be used in the field of observation of wild animals at night, and security who working at night in farms, villas, as well as industrial and mining enterprises. It can also be used for night-time entertainment. The appearance was designed in flat streamline, beautiful and small, appropriate to hand-held, convenient and reliable.

Performance Indicators
Maximum observing distance 80~90m80-90m(environmental illuminace:1/100 Lux)
Magnification 2W
Visual field >15:
Objective lens focusing 57mm
Objective lens diameter 30mm
Focusing range 0.5m-above
Eyepiece dioptor range -4~+4D
Supply power 3.0V
Battery Two AAA batteries
Outside size 180W90W55mm3
Weight 0.5kg
IR lamp Built-in(Max working distance:15-25m)