Sell NW 8600 car painting booth

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Auto Paint Spraying/Baking Room is able to spray paint in all kinds of weather and automatically at some constantly-kept temperature level. Extra-thick Italy-made Filtering Cotton can block away 99% of dusts and other Foreign granules in the air to guarantee zero impurity of paint coat in spraying.

*7040long 5696wide3500high exterior dimension
*6900long4000wide2650high interior dimension
*2600high3000wide entrance doors
*1 set of backward inclined turbo intake fan with 3-phase-7.5kw motor 25000 m3/h
*1 set of backward inclined turbo exhaust fan with 3-phase-7.5kw motor 25000 m3/h
*Front door framed by aluminum alloys, 70mm thick heat-preserving board for the booth made of 2 sheets of steel and 1 piece of EPS
*32 ceiling and 32 sidewall tube fluorescent lights
*All floor zinc-coated filter grids
*Personnel door
*Sliding racket for spraying tiny parts
*Italian Riello burner RG5S with heat exchanger of imported stainless steel SUS304, 260 thansand Kcal/h
*Reliable Swiss made electrical airflow valve with 20N actuator and 2 manual airflow valve
*Anti-overpressure device that can automatically open the personnel door when overpressure is sensed
*40 tiny blower months inclined on the ceiling of booth and 2 sets of 1.5kw fan to average the inside temperature
*No-pump water curtain as exhaust disposal device
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