Sell Naano Calcium Carbonate-112 for Latex Products

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NPCCA-112 is white slurry of Nano Precipitated Calcium Carbonate applied in latex products such as industry glove, surgical glove, household glove, fingertip, balloon and so on.

We recommend you add 5-10 phr NPCCA-112 to the surgical glove and 10-15 phr to the industry glove, household glove and fingertip, stirring for 5-6 hours after mixing.

1. Super ultra fine and very narrow particle size distribution;
2. Good stability and no sedimentation;
3. Easy to disperse and has the good compatibility with the natural rubber;
4. Increase the products volume and tensile strength;
5. Improve Air-tightness of gloves and balloon;
6. Make the surface of the glove more exquisite and smoother;
7. Cost saving.

Packaging and Storage
It is packed in 220-1,000 kgs plastic drum. Storage life is 90 days in sealed and cool condition.