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Product features:
Thousands of patterns to choose from
It possesses a memory capacity of 40g for hundreds of thousands of patterns
Supports site photograph and composition with patterns around rim
Self locks position and size of pattern on nail
Realizes slight adjustment on patterns in respect of size, direction and position
Adjustable colors for 24 changes through touch control
Possesses complete symbolized operation interface and choose patterns through touch screen
Supports direction selection with number entry
Supports pre-selection of multiple patterns
LCD + touch screen
Photograph with auxiliary light control
Realizes self-service operation with connection to coin/note identifier
Provides sub, PC keyboard, mouse and network interface used for maintenance and update
Possesses built-in infrared induction dry fan
Adds nail art patterns automatically
Adds voice hint automatically
Adds background music automatically
Supports inquiry about painting counting
Possesses password management function
Proofreads reference position of painting with software
Supports coin input mode setting
Supports volume control
Supports multiple languages
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