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Nail Polish(cosmetics)
Cheerful Cosmetics offers Polish Perfection! We all know the importance of attention to detail. And nothing completes a look better than dazzling, glossy fingers and toes. With colors that will keep all eyes will be on the digits! And what more could a girl ask for? Rich, glossy, quick-drying and long-wearing.

Truly intense color is so shiny it looks wet--but don't be fooled.
Resists chipping, even in water.
Won't fade, dull or streak,
even in strong sunlight.

Amaze your nails with brilliant, chip-proof shine. Nail Polish supersedes the fast-paced, trendy nail world with a selection of purely original, provocative shades.

This nail polish gives a fabulous mosaic effect when applied over regular nail colour. The Nail Mosaics colour crackles when it's dry and your other colour shows through to give a fabulous effect!

Developed to condition and care for your nails. Its original formula ensures rapid drying and lasting hold. Brush on nail enamel and the advanced long-wearing formula provides a beautiful high-gloss finish in one of the most on-trend shades of the season. Brush on the latest in beauty accessories that lets you express your sense of style.
Intense color and high gloss. Designed to be a real nail care product, it respects the fragile nature of your nails. The original formula ensures rapid drying and lasting hold.
Our nail polish has an original formula, composed of special resins. It contains bio ceramics of natural origin for their hardening effect. A precise concentration of solvents gives a hard, resistant, gloss film. Toluene-free formula. dermatologically tested. The practical design incorporates an ergonomic top with wide, easy-grip sides, a neck with reducer for flow control, and a non-spill bottle.
They are chip-resistant, long wearing and the colors are fabulous. Specially designed brush shape makes application incredibly easy. Our nail polish is well sold in domestic and abroad for the high quality and suitable price. Any flavor and color you like. Customers logo is accepted. Customers color is accepted. Customers packaging is accepted. We can meet FDA and EEC regulations.
Enriched with "Pantenolo" our Nail Polish helps even the most fragile nails to become stronger. Our products are of very high quality with coloured pearls that give a greater thickness and density.
Our make up lines protects the skin against damages lipsticks- nail polishes- fards- eye liner- eye shadows-face powder- creams- lifting effect lotion-cleaning lotions- etc.
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