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Compared with the other current denture cleaners, our "Nano & UV Artificial Teeth Cleaner" add nano-silver technology and UV sterilization light to easily get rid of debris on dentures, jewelry, etc. Moreover, small size is perfect for home and traveling. By carefully following the below instruction, you will be able to have trouble-free operation to enjoy great oral hygiene for whole life.
1. Our Nano & UV Artificial Teeth Cleaner, the first multi-function washer, is applying the newest vibration and sterilization effect in cleaning dentures, jewelry and so on. Its vibration reaches 8,000 times per minute in order to power away stains from dentures and jewelry. In addition, we adopt the latest Japanese technics of UV light sterilization and nano-silver mixture container to deodorize, sterilize and wash at one step.
2. This multi-function washer combines with the latest electronic sterilization technology and nano-silver bacteriostasis. Specially, no consumable replacement is needed.
3. Build-in power save timer shuts the power automatically after 5 minutes when you turn it on.
4. You dont have to use any other chemical detergent but water. Through the latest UV light sterilization and nano-silver bacteriostasis, it can reach 100% spotless effect without residual chemical which might damage your denture or jewelry.
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