Sell Nano-ALN Ceramic Powders

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Nano-AlN has high purity, small and uniform particle size, large specific surface area, high surface activity, low loose vices. The sinter temperature is decreased and the device size stability is improved by using this powder in making the part of an apparatus. These devices have high hardness, high modulus, very high dielectric properties, good oxidation-resistant property and low-thermal expansion efficient, which is approximate to that of Silicon, When the ALN powers is used to make composites its interface compatibleness is good, It can improve mechanical properties, thermal conductance and dielectric properties of composites,

Nano-AlN can be applied to make the integrate circuit subtract, electronic devices, optical devices, thermal emission devices, crucibles used at high temperatures, preparation of composites of metal matrixes and polymer matrixes, specially, in the high temperature seal binders and electronic encapsulation materials, Nano-ALN will be substantially applied in future.