Sell Nano Activated Calcium Carbonate

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Product Description ;
Usage: Used in PVC profile & pipe, film, wire & cable, and resin products like UPVC construction material, PE, PP, HIPS, ABS etc
Effects and benefits: It can improve rigidity, cold impact strength, surface gloss, and optimize products' performance, lower its cost as well

1. Strict quality control
2. Fine grain size, narrow distribution and large specific surface area
3. High whiteness, less purity
4. High surface activation and good dispersion
5. Fine affinity with PVC plastic, and with both functions of filing and reinforcing
6. Great filling volume, reduced usage of PVC resin
7. Reduce the production cost, and improve market competitive power.

Special applications:
1. Apply on PVC plastic sheaths of electrical wires and cables as the filling agent,
Especially for high-class electrical wires of outstanding effects.
2. Apply on the production of PVC films (casting film) .
3. Apply on PVC building materials, such as high class super thin special profile,
Wire duct, plastic door and window, and plastic floor, to improve the smoothness
And glossiness of such product surfaces
4. Apply on PVC flexible and hard tubes
5. Apply on the production of PVC plastic materials for toys.
6. Apply on the production of materials for shoes, such as the rubber bottom of
The shoes and decorative pieces.

Appearance White powder
Particle shape Cubic
Particle size D90 <= 1.5 5 M
CaCO3 content >= 95%
Whiteness >= 90
Moisture <= 0.50%
Residue on 325 Mesh screen (45 5 M) <= 0.05%
Insoluble matter in HCl <= 0.50%
Surface treatment Compound activated agent
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5 MT
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