Sell Nano Calcium Carbonate-112 for Paper

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NPCC-112 is white slurry of precipitated calcium carbonate as coating in specialty coated paper, and as functional filler in directory paper and tissue.

1) Disperse NPCC with dispersant to 30% slurry
2) 30 phr NPCC + Adhesive + other chemicalsīƒ  coating

1. To improve brightness and opacity of paper;
2. Lesser abrasion to the paper machine;
3. To make surface of paper smoother;
4. To enhance the fastness of pigment in the colored paper
5. Providing higher compactness to neutral sizing paper and cardboard.
6. Cost saving.
In conclusion, the paper stuffed or coated by the NPCC possesses higher compactness, fine and smooth surface, excellent plasticity and flexibility.

Packaging and Storage
It is packed in 220-1,000 kgs plastic drum. Storage life is 90 days in sealed and cool condition.