Sell Nano-PVDF ACP Paneling

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Facing the market complain, that dust sticking on cladding face, then modern building comes to gray, how to cleaning the dust is a headache problem. we invent Nano aluminium composite panel. A strong Nano-PVdF paint layer is coated on front aluminium foil. Because of it ' s prominent self-cleaning feature, the panel gets more and more commend-ment from market , (plz feel free to contact me:boahawk#hotmal. c0m) features:Super smoothness, density, glossiness coating layer.
Rigid, good anti-scratching surface.
Excellent self-cleaning character. The dust in air can not stick on this panel face strongly. Even dust encloses cladding face, cleaning job is very easy, operator can use nature water to wash the panel face, dust will disappear, no any scratching marks , A new bright cladding face will appear again.
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