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This product has high purity, small and uniform particle diameters, large specific surface area, high surface activity, and low loose loading density. When Nano-Si3N4 is made to be structure devices, the devices will have low ceramic formation temperature of ceramic, good size stability, high mechanical strength, high chemical anticorrosion, especially, the devices possess high strength at high temperature and the self-greasing effect, when this powder is used as the dispersion phase in composites, these dispersion phases increase substantially complex properties of composites.

Main applications:
1) Structure devices made by this powder
For example, in metallurgy, chemical industry, mechanical industry, aeronautics and space industry and energy source fields etc. , the following devises can be applied: Balls and rollers of roll bearings, slide bearings, covers, values and structural devices with high wear resistance, anti-high temperature and anticorrosion.
2) Surface treatments of metal and other materials for example, moulds, cutting tools, blades of steam-turbines, rotors of turbines and internal wall coatings cylinders etc.
3) Composites: Such as composites of metal matrixes, ceramic matrixes and graphite matrixes composites of paint, binders, rubbers and plastics with Nano-Si3N4 powders, and other polymer matrix composites.

This product should be stored in the cool and dry rooms without solar light. The product cannot be in big compression. In the use process of the Nano-Si3N4 powders, in order to avoid the powder aggregating caused by absorbing moistness and thus affecting application effects, the Nano-Si3N4 powder can be not exposed in air.
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