Sell Nano-Silver Activated Carbon Filter

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Reverse Osmosis, RO System Units, Filtration Systems, Water Dispensers, Water Ionizers, UVC Lighting, Air and Food Detoxifying Ozonizer, Water Treatment, Infrared Stone Filter, Shower Filter, Nano-Silver Activated Carbon Filter.
Nano-Silver Activated Carbon Filter, made by natural coconut carbon, with essential effect to reduce Taste, Odor, Chlorine for pre-filtering purpose, and plus Bacteria resistance competed to UV Sterilizer but with cost reduction solution.
About Nano-meter: Nano-meter (10-9 meter) is in the spectrum particle sizes between molecular and DNA. The coverage Bacteria sorts beyond 650 species to damage the mechanism of germ's metabolism. The interference of cell wall is the root function to kill the existing unicellular germs and their breeding.
Features: Low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity, multiple absorbing holes, steady flow to achieve reliable performance & long life usage.
Functions: To eliminate Chloroform, VOCs, harmful chemicals, bad smell, and parts of metals and pesticides.
Application: residential, commercial & industrial range.
Maximum Flow: .75GPM
Maximum Pressure: 125PSI
Maximum Temperature : 100 oF
Service Life: About 2,000 ~ 2,500GAL