Sell Nanometer Antimicrobial powder

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Nanometer Antimicrobial powder

Hangzhou wan jing new material co. , ltd

Main ingredients: nanometer size titanium dioxide carrying Ag ion permutoid

Characteristic: nanometer size titanium dioxide carrying Ag with nanometer size features both antibacterial functions of nanometer size titanium dioxide (TiO2) and Ag. Nanometer size titanium dioxide (TiO2) can photo-catalyst and degrade bacteria, virus and organism in the light Nanometer size Ag is antibacterial without light.

Product speciality: Great and wide spectrum antibacterial effect, uniformity particle size, high heat-resist temperature, easy using innocuous and harmless, more safe for human being, no troubles like leak of organic Antibacterial, photo-catalyst and completely decompose residues of microbe and virus. its characteristics of durable effect, broad spectrum, strong antimicrobial, good stability and has strong reflection.

Specification :

Inspection VK-T07 VK-T07L

Appearance White powder White emulsion

Major ingredient Nanometer titanium dioxide carrying Ag Ion permutoid

Assay (wt) % 99.0 min 20-30

Average Granule Diameter (nm) 30110 30110

Heat Resistance 0 Min 1000

Loss on drying (wt) % Max 0.5 70-80

Ag (wt) % Max 3 Max 3

Zn (wt) % 511 511

Ti (wt) % 3011 3011

Zr (wt) % 511 511

PH value of water dispersant

(1:10) 6.0-8.0 6-8

As mg/kg 1 max 1 max

Heavy metal (as Pb. ) mg/kg 10 max 10 max

Uses: widely used in textile, toy, daily appliance, coating, paint, pottery, plastic, hospital,

public and so on.

Package: 10kg powder in cardboard drum lined with plastic film, 6 or 25kg liquid in plastic drum

or according to customers demands.