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Nanometer silica powder (nm-SiO2) is a new kind of inorganic materials, because of its extra small size (1 to 100 nanometer) . It has many special characteristics; such as big surface volume, quanta tunnel, and so on. So all such properties makes it different from other materials. It can be widely used in electronic encapsulation, polymer of macromolecule, rubber, plastics, coating, paint, adhesive, functional fiber, cosmetics and many more applications.
Its main capabilities as following:
SiO2% (wt, dry) >=98 %--99.9 %
Particle size (nm) <=50
Specific surface area (m2/g) 100~300
Moisture (1100,2h, wt) <=4%
Loss on Ignition (9500,2h, wt) <=6%
Rocking density (g/cm3) 0.07-0.15
Application of Nano-sio2application of n application of nm-SiO2 powder app
Nanometer silica power (nm-SiO2) is widely used in many fields, almost all industries about usual silica powder. For example, it can be used as additive in many industries to replace silica powder and it can improve and enhance the functions and capabilities of products, without changing technical process.
Nm-SiO2 can be used in many other industries as well, because of its special light, electricity, magnetism characteristics, and good intensity, good tenacity and high stability at a high temperature. Example:
1. Rubber
Nm-SiO2 can be used in re-attrite rubber, such as aero rubber, meridian tyres etc. It can improve the functions of rubber such as intensity, tenacity, anti-aging, re-attrite and so on. In addition, nm-SiO2 also can be used in transparent pastern of sole.
2. Plastic
The intensity, tenacity and anti-aging capabilities of plastic will be improved after adding nm-SiO2. For example: the polypropylene (PP) , modified by nm-SiO2, becomes rigid and tough complex. It can be used to made bumper of cars. Another example, the transparence, tenacity, intensity and waterproof capabilities of plastic film are improved after adding nm-SiO2. Once more, adding nm-SiO2 into organic glass (PMMA) can improve PMMAs intensity, impactive tenacity, attrited resistance, transparence, anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging capabilities.
3. Unsaturated polymer resin (UP)
After unsaturated polymer resin modified by nm-SiO2, its capabilities will be improved, such as: rigidity, intensity, abrasion-resistance, heat-resistance, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet radiation and anti-aging, etc.
4. Epoxy resin
Its rigidity, intensity, tenacity, high temperature resistance and anti-aging capabilities can be improved after epoxy resin modified by nm-SiO2.
5. Coating
Using nm-SiO2 in coating we can improve many capabilities such as suspend stability, thixotropic, weatherability, anti-washing and anti-infra-red. Nm-SiO2 can be used in the coating, which solidifies by ultraviolet radiation, in order to improve its intensity, adhesion and heat-stability.
6. Gooey and sealant
Adding nm-SiO2 into gooey or sealant can improve the ropy of gooey and the sealed ability of sealant.

7. Other industries
Nm-SiO2 also can be used in chemical fiber, electronic encapsulation, , dyeing, painting, medicine, anti-bacterium, cosmetic industries, and so on.
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