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Nanometer Silver Antibacterial Powder
Used in ceramic (enamel) products, fabric, plastic products, pigment, coin, check, wallpaper glue, architectural structure glue, and wallpaper, etc.
White powder
[Main Ingredients]
Silver ion, type P nanometer SiO2 etc
Put silver ions into the fine pores on the surface of nanometer particle. Make it stable, and let it release slowly and get an effect of mildew proof and sterilization.
Comparing with organic antiseptics and other inorganic antiseptics, this product has high temperature endurable, high safe and persistent antibacterial functions. It can scatter in water and organic solvent. Granularity of its powder scatters evenly. Due to the surface of the powder is treated specially it has better compatibility with various fibers and even scattering. It has no influence to processing features of materials and other application performance.
1. Characteristics, such as wide application, safety, persistence, heat-resistance and good wide spectrum antibacterial capability, etc.
2. Can restrain and kill more than 99% pathogen, such as colibacillus, staphylococcus, hay bacillus, gonococcus, mildew, etc.
3. Its distinctive speediness and long effect open up a new road to resolve high frequency pollution and disease prevention of public and common article.
[Suggested Dosage] 0.5%~3%
[Package] 10kg/bag
1. Textile products: various costume, bedding, indoor decoration, sanitary accessories, table cloth and towel, etc
2. Plastic products: household electric appliance, toy, decorating material, packing material, daily sanitary accessories, handset & telephone and magcard, etc
3. Ceramic products: ceramic cleaning appliance, floor tiles and wall tiles, etc
4. Pigment: interior and outer pigment, oil paint and emulsion paint, etc
5. Paper: bank note, invoice, book, toilet paper, office paper and packing paper, etc
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