Sell Nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion

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Nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion

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Nanometer silicon dioxide has lots of special properties such as innocuity, insipidity, small particle size, big surface volume etc. There are a large number of hydroxyl groups that are diunsaturated and different bonding state. The capabilities of material can be improved greatly when adding some nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion. Wanjing nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion made by special technology has nicer adhesive force, hot stability and forming gel property. So nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion can be widely used in lots of industrial fields.


Items standards

Item No. VK-S01A VK-S01B

Appearance Translucent liquid Translucent liquid

Assay (%) 2512 3012

PH 1.0-5.0 8.0-11.0

Particle size (nm) 1515 1515


1. Paint: Nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion has been widely used in kinds of paints for its good anti-agglomerating, anti-aging, re-attrite capabilities. Nano silicon dioxide solution can be used as an emulsifiers, extinction, suspension stabilizer, thickeners and so on.

2. Bond and sealant: Nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion can thicken, control flowing, enhance conglutinant intensity, improve the hot stability as well.

3. Fire-resistant materials: nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion has been widely used in heat preserving and adiabatic materials because of its excellent energy saving and resistant- high temperature. Nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion can also used in equipments that are able to endure strong acid.

4. Cotton industry: the flying will be prevented after treat fell with mixture of crude oil and nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion. The rate of finished products of fell will be increased too. In light spinning slurry, nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion can improve the adhesive meter and the slurry will be easy to brush off. Moreover, drying time will be shortened.

5. Paper making industry: blending with sensitive liquid, nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion can smooth the sensitive paper cardboard and the image is more bright . Otherwise, the range of exposal will be enlarge.

6. Exact founding industry: nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion (VK-S01) has been widely used in exact founding industry for its nicer adhesive force and low contractility.

7. Polishing liquid: can solve the problems of surface roughness and corrugation.


The propositional dosage of nanometer silicon dioxide dispersion (VK-S01) is 2-8%. But some special product may add more than 20%, you should adjust the additive percent according to your system.


In dry, cold place, airproof at the temperature between 5 and 30 degrees centigrade.