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Nanometer silicon dioxide slurry

Hangzhou wan jing new material CO. , LTD

Wanjing material co. , ltd uses special technology and dispersant to produce nanometer silicon dioxide slurry which has good dispersion and high-content. Comparing with nanometer silicon dioxide powder, nanometer silicon dioxide slurry is more convenient to use, such as there is no flying powder pollution, easy to transport and storage.

We can offer 10-30% nanometer silicon dioxide slurry according to customersrequirement. Customers can dilute nanometer silicon dioxide slurry directly in the light of their demand.

Item No. VK-S01W

Method of use:

1. In paint: adding with other fillings at the rubbing phases, or disperse in water color slurry firstly and then mix in the latex.

2. Dosage: 5-10%

Nanometer silicon dioxide slurry can be used in the followings fields:

1. water-base paint, water-base slurry and water-baser printing ink:

(1) Improve the adhesive force, rigidity, abrasion resistant of gel.

(2) Improve the suspension and dispersion when solid separate in liquid. It can also prevent depositing effectively and the dye separate from gel

(3) Nanometer silicon dioxide slurry can avoid the phenomenon of webbing.

(4) Anti-aging property will be improved for nanometer silicon dioxide slurry can resist the ultraviolet radiation well.

(5) Improve paints anti-pollute, auto-cleaning and re-attrite capability greatly.

(6) Using with nanometer TIO2, nanometer silicon dioxide slurry can improve the light catalyzing property of nanometer TIO2 and help it to disperse and avoid depositing.

2. Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) solution: nanometer silicon dioxide slurry is more convenient to be used in CMP.

3. Medicine and pesticide: used as medicament filling, suspension stabilizer, thickeners, carrier

4. In cosmetic: nanometer silicon dioxide solution can be used in cream, sachet, toilet powder, shampoo, hair dye etc.

5. It can be used as suspension stabilizer, thickeners, antistaling agents in food.


Water-base printing ink: 5%

Water-base color slurry: 5%

Water-base wood lacquer: 5%

Crylic acid resin lacquer: 1.5-12.5%

Other water-base lacquer: 2.5-12.5

Water-base paint and alkyd lacquer: 2.5-25%

CMP liquid: use it directly or dilute it according to customers requirement.

These are our commenting dosage. You can adjust the dosage according to your production.

Package: 25kgs/plastic barrel.

Storage: dry and cool place, screw down the cover. Avoid mixing with oily material.
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