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Nanometer silicon dioxide

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Nanometer silicon dioxide (Nm-SiO2) is a new kind of inorganic materials, because of its extra small size. It has many special characteristics, such as big surface volume, quanta tunnel, and so on.

Product name: Nanometer silicon dioxide CAS No. : 14808-60-7 Synonyms: Nanometer silica Formula: SiO2

Chemical structure: O==SI==O Mol. Wt. : 60.08


ITEM Nm-SiO2 Powder Nm-SiO2 Solution Nm-SiO2 Alcohol solution Nm-SiO2 slurry

Item No. VK-SP50 VK-SP30 VK-SP15 VK-S01H V K-S01C VK-S01W

Particle size (nm) 50 30 15 20 20 20

Surface area (m2/g) 200130 400130 600130 --- --- ---

Density(g/cm3) <0.12 <0.12 <0.12 1.15-1.17 1.15-1.17 1.15-1.17

SiO2 99.5 99.5 99.5 25 20 30


1. Rubber: Nm-SiO2 can be used in re-attrite rubber for it can improve the functions of rubber such as intensity, tenacity, anti-aging, re-attrite and so on. It also can be used in transparent pastern of sole.

2. Plastic: Nm-SiO2 can improved the intensity, tenacity and anti-aging capabilities of plastic. Adding nm-SiO2 into organic glass (PMMA) can improve PMMA's intensity, impactive tenacity, attrited resistance, transparence, anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging capabilities.

3. Epoxy resin : Its rigidity, intensity, tenacity, high temperature resistance and anti-aging capabilities can be improved after being modified by nm-SiO2.

4. Coating: Using nm-SiO2 in coating can improve the suspend stability, thixotropic, weatherability, anti-washing and anti-infra-red.

5. Gooey and sealant: Adding nm-SiO2 into gooey or sealant can improve the ropy of gooey and the sealed ability of sealant.

6. Other industries: used in electronic encapsulation, polymer of macromolecule, paint, adhesive, functional fiber, cosmetics and many more applications.

Packing: 10kgs/bag