Sell Nanometer zinc oxide dispersion

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Nanometer zinc oxide dispersion

Hangzhou wan jing new material co. , ltd

Nanometer zinc oxide dispersion produced by wanjing material co. , ltd has high uniform and stable disperse system. It can be widely used in sunproof cosmetic, functional fibre and textile, paint, dope, rubber, latex, plastic, pottery and so on.


Items Standards

Appearance white liquid

Item No. VK-J01

Particle size nm 50110

Assay % 50


1 Rubber and tyre: nanometer zinc oxide dispersion can improve its use life, appearance, colour and luster. Re-attrite and airproof property can be also improved greatly.

2 Paint and dope: the rigidity anti-rinse, anti-pollute and antiseptic property can be improved well.

3 Pottery field: comparing with common zinc oxide, sinter temperature can be reduced 40-60 centigrade if we use nanometer zinc oxide in pottery.

4 Fibre and textile: can screen ultraviolet radiation and infrared ray effectively. It has lots of fantastic functions, such as sterilization, reducing and keeping temperature.

5 Sunproof cosmetic: nanometer zinc oxide has better UV-resistance and antibacterial property compared with nanometer TIO2.

6 Nanometer zinc oxide dispersion can be also used in electric instrument industry, manufacturing device, wireless, wireless-fluorescence, image recorder, fluorophor and so on.

Package: 25kgs/plastic drum