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Flower bulb, Narcissus, another name Daffodiles, is one of ten famous flowers in China, also known in the world.

It is easy to take care, you can plant it in the water, adding some scree to support it. Narcissus in

Zhangzhou is famous for its big bulb, excessive flower stalk, the long period of blooming and fragrance.

Especially in New Year, with a pot of narcissus at home, it will add the holiday festive. It is also a precious

gift to present your friends and relatives.

In Zhangzhou, Narcissus is commonly be carved into all kinds of shapes, for example a bird, an animal and

so on. But other people prefer to let it grow just as its natural form.

How to grow it: Narcissus bulbs should be dipped in the water for 45 days before it blooms. Water added

at the bottom of the bulb is OK, all the roots should be dipped into the water, if some of them is out of

water, you may use some cotton to help them suck water and water should be changed every day.

Light and temperature: bright sunlight but low temperature, high temperature will make the leaves

long, even longer than the flower. Lower temperature will make the leaves shorter, and the shape

will be more beautiful and prolong the period of the blooming. Commonly, it has more than 20 days

blooming period.

Propagation: Most daffodil species reproduce by seed. It takes 5-7 years for a seedling to bloom,

so most gardeners propagate daffodils by planting bulb divisions which form naturally. The rate of

bulb division varies widely and is dependent on so many different factors that no one fully understands

the process. You should be able to divide daffodil bulbs after two years of growth. Commercial growers

in Holland propagate daffodils by tissue culture, slicing bulbs into as many as 64 thin slices, each of

which then grows into a bulblet in about 10 weeks. Daffodil fanciers create hybrids and new cultivars

by dusting pollen from one plant onto the pistil of another, and then harvesting the seeds.
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