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Features Specifications:

The intravenous and inhalation anesthesia of brain waves (EEG) for automatic classification; indicators of brain waves (EEG index, see " Kugler Stager" )

 Identification of optimal pseudo-like

Touch-screen operation, easy to use

Continuous testing to ensure continued high-quality electrode EEG

A variety of electrode positioning

Can be accessed by an external monitor, and document management system interface

EEG recording documents reporting


Of intravenous and inhalation anesthesia for automatic classification of brain waves;
Brain waves through the anesthesia process is divided into six stages, namely:
A = awake
B = shallow sleep
C = Deep Sleep
D = anesthesia cap
E = anesthesia minimum
F = excessive anesthesia
Continuous electrode tests to ensure continued high-quality EEG signal, multi-electrode EEG acquisition, such as: the standard ECG electrodes, needle electrodes and cup-type electrodes can be used;
Flexible electrode positioning, such as a electrode and b the spacing between the electrodes only greater than 8 cm, the electrodes position may not fixed, can be attached to the forehead can also be posted home set ears;
The original brain waves collected, and through the dual frequency domain and time domain analysis, accurate identification of the best state of anesthesia;
A channel for the usual anesthesia EEG monitoring; two channels for the two brain hemispheres anesthesia in comparison;
4-hour real-time display monitor trends, the situation may be prolonged depending on the patient monitor, and has a variety of reference data, such as energy spectrum, energy spectrum of color trends, spectral edge frequency, intermediate frequency, etc. ;
Can be accessed by an external monitor, and document management system interface;
EEG recording documents available through the printer output;
Powerful storage capabilities, can store 150 cases, each 8 hours.