Sell Nascar Mural For Child's Room

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To apply mural pieces to your child's room walls, remove mural piece from the sheet.
Apply clear wallpaper paste to the back and place on your child's wall.
This Race Car Mural Kit covers a horizontal length of 17'6".
This mural kit is designed to cover one or two walls.

The picture shown consists of the mural applied to painted walls. We recommend drawing a line 5 feet above the floor across the wall. Above that line, paint a sky blue color of your choosing. The race track itself can be roughly 20" to 24" high, painted in a dark or light asphalt color. Below the race track you can paint any coordinating color you wish.

The tree and checkered black and white border (GP5) has two pieces of tree border that covers 6' 3" and there are 6 pieces of the checkered black and white border giving a total of 18'.
The large red Ferrari is 4' 4" wide, the man with the flag is 48" high and the small cars are 26" long.
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horizontal length of 17'6"
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2 days
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