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The capsule from the essential to supply necessary nutriment to maintain the metabolize balance, promote and adjust the function of Liver, Spleen, Kidney which all running in order. Also keep the the person being well, immunity improved, youth, energy full, smooth skin. Our Nier Capsule is adopt to this theory to made. Make it to be a best choice for female anti-aging and beauty.

Main ingredients: Flos Caryophyllata, Genseng, pearl powder, Grape, Longstamen Onion Bulb, angelica

Function: 1. Skin care
2. Improving dysmenorrheal

Clinic Research:
1. Improving the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.
2. Increasing the resistibility of the blood vessel.
3. Reduce the frangibility of capillary vessel.
4. Preventionion the sun radiation harm the skin.
5. Decrease dysmenorrheal frequency.
6. Subsidise speckle.

User colony:
1. Anti-aging, Keep Youth
2. Speckle person
3. Dysmenorrheal person

Specification & Dosage: 500mg/Capsule 90capsule/ bottle 2bottles/box
Oral, 3 capsules/time daily before meal

Registration classify & Cert. No. : Dietary supplement & CWSZZ(2006)078

Storage: keep in cool & dry place.

Period of validity: 18 months

Recommend: Take effect at 2-3 treatment periods. One month is a treatment period.
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