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Have you taken a hot spring bath?

It relieves your feelings and smooths your skin.

This is the natural Bath Salts that includes 4 elements.
1. Mineral deposits left by the hot spring of Hokkaido, Japan.
2. Coral fossil from Hokkaido, Japan.
3. Hiba trees from Aomori, Japan.
4. Tourmaline from Brazil

They were powdered and contained in a small bag.

How to use
1. Fill the bathtub with hot water.
2. Put the product into the water.
3. Knead tenderly in order to color brown.
4. After colored, take it out and throw away.
5. Stir the water before taking the bath.

You can make a hot spring in your bathtub.

After taking the bath, your body will be kept warm which is the effect of a hot spring.

We hope you will enjoy the hot spring.

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