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Also known as the Virgin Coconut Oil, this product is made from coconut which has been processed through a biotechnical technique without using any heat or chemical process. The oil is produce through an enzyme reaction where this component has good nutritional contents for our body. One of the benefits is to strengthen the antibody capability against diseases. There are several components in a form like antivirus, bacteria, fungus and also parasites in the oil which is useful and so strong to fight against illnesses.

Natural Coconut Oil contains medium chain fatty acids - tryglycerides, MCTs, which are essential to human health of all ages. A few components like lauric acid C-12, caprylic acid C-10, myristic acid C-14 and capric acid. Of all these, lauric acid comprises about 40%. Lauric acid in the body is converted to monolaurin for immunity similar to the benefits of mother's milk.

Main characteristic of Natural Coconut Oil:

1. Maintenance -Add energy, vitality and increasing metabolism for better health and performance.
2. Protection -Improves immune system to protect us against diseases.
3. Healing -Removing ill health symptoms associated with many common degenerative diseases like, hypertension, arthritis, eczema or skin eruptions, heart disease, etc
The benefits of Natural Coconut Oil:

1. Eradicate virus, bacteria and fungi that are associated with colds and flu, herpes, hepatitis, ulcers, throat infection, bladder infections, gum disease and so on.
2. A source of continuous energy and vitality.
3. Improve digestion, bowel movement, fat burning, nutrient absorption and fat loss.
4. Regulates and improves insulin production, therefore reducing sugar level in bloods.
5. Reduce hunger pangs, therefore we don't feel hungry easily while at the same time feeling energetic and alert all day.
6. Stimulation of thyroid functions therefore helps to reduce bad cholesterol and improve metabolism. Cholesterol is altered through enzymatic interactions to anti-ageing steroid to prevent coronary disease, senile or loss of memory, extreme obesity, cancer and many degenerative diseases.
7. Has anti-oxidant properties with longer storage life.
8. Speed up recovery from colds and flu, bladder infections, protect from ulcer and lung infections.
9 Reduces blood thickening or sickness which is associated with hypertension, stroke and coronary heart diseases.
10. Effective against eczema, problematic skins eruptions, on body and scalp while at the same time keeping our skin supple and young.
11. The oil is thermogenic which it will burn off fats automatically and is therefore beneficial in slimming program.
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