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Graphite is a material that has both metallic and non-metallic properties. It is an excellent conductor of both electricity and heat with a temperature resistance above 3500 degrees Celsius - the minimum temperature of the sun's photosphere.

Our mine and processing facility produce high carbon natural flake graphite with a purity level ranging from 90%-99.95%. Flake size ranges from 45 to 500 microns (32-325mesh) with naturally low sulfur, iron and copper content. Our graphite has the characters: perfect flake crystallization, thin flake but excellent toughness, extra ordinary physical and chemical performance, perfect electrical conductivity and thermal resistance.

i) a critical component in many leading edge alternative energy solutions, including batteries and hydrogen fuel cells,
ii) being used in the production of electrodes and brushes on electric motors.
iii) a key component in metallurgy and refractories, and used as a release agent in mold, die and form linings when making metal parts and castings.
iv) it is employed as an additive in a multitude of polymer compounds.
v) coatings in metallurgical industry, and carbon brush in electronics industry
vi) other uses include catalysts, synthetic diamonds, ceramics, pencils, and as a dry lubricant.
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