Sell Natural Face Mud

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I'm very pleased to introduce our Mud to you.
As mud in a mine in Korea (the gross area 278 hectare) is the one that was formed 66million years ago for the Tertiary Period of the Cenozoic era, the dominant and merchantability of its quality are being recognized through relevant learned circles and verified data.
Our company's mud, which comprised special mineral elements of a bentonite series, is classified into largely three kinds such as black mud, chocolate mud and white mud, and is proud of an enormous scale and the top quality with total reserves of approximately 20,000,000 ton, enough to change the dominion of world's existing natural mud market.
So, I can give you the best quality and more competitive mud powder.
If you have any question please let me know by Email.

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Wes Kim
p. s.
1. I have two types mud powder such as natural mud and natural mud + natural Herbs.
2. I want to supply this mud in BULK type.