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Selected All-Natural� Products
7 Vegetable Soup, creamy.
7 Country Soup, with vegetables
and noodles.
7 Tomato Soup, Italian style.
7 Herb Soup, Provence style.
7 Onion Soup, French style.
7 Mushroom Soup, creamy.
7 Far-East Soup, mild piquant.
7 Goulash Soup, vegetarian
La Souplette
Certain markets are strictly price
oriented. For these markets, we
propose the separate La Souplette
series, characterized by significantly
low pricing, without a dramatic
influence on the quality of the
Selected Products
7 Chicken Flavor Soup, with noodles
and vegetables.
7 Beef Flavor Soup, with noodles
and vegetables.
7 Vegetable Soup, with noodles.
7 Onion Soup.
7 Goulash Soup, with noodles and
7 Mushroom Soup.
7 Chinese Soup, with noodles.
7 DeliMix, the perfect cooking base.
Brand Name
IS0 9000 , HACCP
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