Sell Natural Pyrethrum Oil

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Natural Pyrethrum Oil
(50%, 60% Pyrethrum Extract for tech. Material)
Active Ingredient: I. Pyrethrum >=50%; II. Pyrethrum >=60%.
Pyrethrum Extract Technology: carbon dioxide extraction.
Pyrethrum Extract was produced meticulously refined and produced from natural pyrethrum-chrysanthemum, which has six active ingredients. It can be compounded with other natural insecticides such as neem, matrine, oxymatrine, nicotine and so on, and will reach an excellent effectiveness. It is one of the ideal technical materials for organic pesticide forulation.
Pyrethrum plant is a perennial herb with white-yellow flowers growing to the height of 60-70 cm, at altitudes between 1200-3000 meters. Pyrethrum is an ancient insecticide, its properties of flowers were documented in the early 1800s but it is suspected that flowers were used to kill insects a considerable time earlier. The first commercially available products were powders made from ground flowers and later crude oil extractions became popular. Today, the refining of crude pyrethrum extract to remove the plant material, waxes, etc. is highly complex process resulting in a very high-grade product.
Pyrethrum is extracted from dried pyrethrum lower and is the collectively name for six insecticide constituents with BSI names: Cinerin I, Cinerin II, Jasmolin I, Jasmolin II, Pyrethrum I and Pyrethrum II. Pyrethrum is potent, no systemic, contact insecticides causing a rapid paralysis or  knockdown death occurring at a later stage. Under sunlight and in the air, Pyrethrum is instable, however, by adding synergists the insecticide activity is markedly increased.
Properties of Pyrethrum
Pyrethrum has unique properties that makes it an effective insecticide against crawling and flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, fleas, cockroach, wasp, ants and most garden and crop insects.
Low Mammalian Toxicity: No other insecticide can claim such a long record of proven safety towards humans and warm-blooded animals. It is one of the least toxic of domestic insecticides available and is rapidly metabolized if accidentally swallowed.
Lack of Insect Immunity: The structure of the molecule is so complex that insect resistance to Pyrethrum is not a practical problem. A very few isolated cases have been reported, unlike synthetic insecticides.
Broad Spectrum of Activity: Pyrethrum consists of a group of related compounds, and it has a wider spectrum of activity against insect species than many single insecticides. It can be used against any insect found in the house or garden: mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, aphids, and ants.
Environment friendly - Non resistant: Pyrethrum is degraded by the combination of sunlight and air and therefore presents little of danger that is usually associated with other classes of persistent insecticide.
Repellency: Pyrethrum is a powerful insect repellent which in combination with its low mammalian toxicity favors it in many applications, such as food and grain storage protection, personal protection, and will inhibit target insects from biting.