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Cera Skin Enhancer Heart Shaped Capsules

We added ceramides (also known as sphingolipids) to our natural skin care products to additionally help in revitalizing skin cells to aid in the prevention of aging. These ceramides greatly increase the moisture level of the skins surface. The addition of ceramides to our natural plant oils and herbal extracts helps stimulate the skins natural ability to care for itself. Ceramides are very important because they hold the dermal cells together thus preventing premature formation of lines and wrinkles. Our ceramide formulae are contained in our Signature softgel capsules to maintain stability and for further protection against contamination.

Presently our line of products consist of six formulae:

10281815 Cera Day Enhander
Daily application helps reduce dryness and flaking caused by wind, dry, cold weather and heated or air conditioned environments.
Forms a natural protective layer which protects your skin from UV rays, air pollution and moisture loss. Ideal base for make-up. Directions: In the morning, after cleansing, twist capsule to break the seal. Apply to face and desired skin area.

10281814 Cera Night Enhancer
Effectively Replenishes, restores and rejuvenates your skin while you sleep by increasing the nutritional level beneath the layers of the epidermis. Directions: At night, after cleansing with Facial Scrub, twist capsule to break the seal. Apply to face and desired skin area.

10281813 Cera Facial Scrub Enhancer
Daily use provides the beneficial effects of polishing away poreclogging impurities. This in turn controls excess oil and evens skin texture thereby revealing a fresh radiant look. Directions: Twist capsule to break seal. Rub with a few drops of water in your palm until mixed. Apply to face avoiding the eye area.
Rinse off with lukewarm water.

10281812 Cera AHA Skin Enhancer A once a week formula designed to gently accelerate exfoliation while stimulating cell renewal. Helps minimize pores and fine lines along with brown spots. Greatly improves skin hydration thereby regaining the suppleness
smoothness and natural glow of your skin.
Directions: Twist capsule to break seal. Use only once a week at night after cleansing avoiding the eye area.

10281808 Cera Renewal Enhancer
Damaged skin finds Aging protection in an extra enriched highly absorbable ceramide formula. Age damaged skin immediately responds by heightening of the moisture level when applied. Skin surface becomes silky smooth and soft to the touch. Directions: Twist capsule to break seal. Apply morning and night.
10281809 Cera Age Defying Enhancer Effective formula helps significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness around the eye area by maintaining high concentration of moisture level.
Directions: Twist capsule to break seal. Apply to surrounding area of your eyes.

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Cera Skin Enhancers
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