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Natural capsaicin is a kind of white or light yellow crystal, which is extracted, separated from chilies. This alkaloid is the main composition, which causes the chilies so hot.
capsaicin can activate the stomach's function and enhance appetite to help assimilation and absorption. And the purity of our product can reach more over 99.5%. Study/research indicates that natural capsaicin has many kinds of biologic fuction:
1. Allevitating the pain caused by diabetic neuropathy, osteoarthritis and psoriasis.
2. Antiphlogistin: capsaicin show a god cure to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis chronic rhinitis.
3. It is proved that capsaicin, applicable to most addiction, is an ideal treatment to the drug addicts.
4. Efficacy on losing weight, especially for the patient of topical fatness
5. Agriculture and weapon: capsaicin can be used to produce antipollution pesticide and antivillence weapon.
Application: Widely used in medicinal, military, chmical, agricultural industry and so on
Package: preserve in different tight containers according to the customer's requirement.
Storage: store in cool place and avoid exposure to sunshine.
Storage life : 60 months